GNUstep AppKit Guide


The aim of this project is to provide documentation to assist developers (and later, users) when using GNUstep. At the moment, we're providing documentation that details development with the AppKit, aka gnustep-gui. It is not complete, but substantial work has been done.

The texinfo format is being used for producing the documentation. You need this to at least produce .info files, but you can also get texi2html and texi2pdf for html and pdf output.

At this point in time, no formal releases have been made. However, you can always get a copy of the source code from SVN on the project page.



GNUstep AppKit Guide

Copies of the AppKit Guide are regularly updated from SVN automatically (at least once a week). You can view these online at:

There is currently no release versions, however you can download an SVN source code copy from the project page. Goto the SVN information page for details.

Makefile Manual

This is a heavily modified version of the GNUstep Makefile manual, which is usually included with gnustep-make. I've posted it here so that people can read the modifications.

Like the AppKit Guide there is no release version, however you can get the source code from the SVN information page.

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